Trump’s Worst Greatest Hits of 2018

Donald Trump

Mistakes are a common site and can be committed by anyone anywhere. It is the mistakes which affect the world or a nation in a severe way which are what come into the light in everyone’s eyes. Donald J Trump is one of those people who can regularly be seen making mistakes but being a president of a nation this shouldn’t be happening. Nevertheless, his mistakes can be seen in many forms at various places.

It’s fair to say that “Donald Trump” is a human and mistakes can happen by anyone, but he has committed some calculated mistakes which have shocked many people and made them dislike him. Despite the many allegations towards trump’s administration which are said to be false the following are few of the proven and forgotten worst greatest hits of Donald Trump in the year 2018.

1) Quick and brutal firing policy

Donald Trump is one of the only presidents till date who has publicly said “ I hate firing people” but the truth behind this is that he does not personally fire them but creates a certain tension and condition which inevitably makes the person resign on their own. Over the years Carl Higbie, Rob Porter, David Sorenson, Hope Hicks and many other high profile people have exited the Trump administration. We cannot say that Trump was happy that they left but leaving the trump administration would have definitely made them happy.

2) Hiring people for unfit jobs

Trump’s hiring policy is even easier than McDonald’s hiring policy as at least at McDonald’s people are required to have specific skills. He has nominated people like Ronny Jackson who is the president’s physician to run for the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs until many allegations against him came out which made him withdraw his name at the end. This is just one among the many instances in which Trump has blatantly used his power to hire people for his own personal gain rather than thinking about people who would be suitable for making the country of that specific sector better.

3) Trumps memory blunders

Trump has become one of the most favorite muses which late-night comedians are using to amuse their audience. The content he provides to them can be credited to all the blunders he has done alone in the year 2018 like forgetting the national anthem and then forgetting the words to “God Bless America.”  These all are just the tip of the iceberg as he has even forgotten the name of the supreme court justice and also forgotten to show up to his own security briefing.

4) Melania trump first women?

Melania Trump may be the first lady as per her title goes but till today has done nothing to show her concern for the nation. The only time Melania Trump spoke up and took charge was against the social media abuse and it is a common knowledge that she took this step to protect her husband. He is one such person who has brought people from various backgrounds together just so that they can tweet him about all the mistakes which he is committing. Some people consider this as a wake-up call while the trump administration considers this as abuse and harassment.

5) Physical public mistakes

In the year 2018 alone he has made some mistakes which a reasonable person would never commit in their entire life. In February alone while carrying a big umbrella towards Air Force One, he forgot to cover his wife and 11-year-old son and again in October later that same year he left Melania on the white house lawn and simply walked away using the only umbrella which was there. In one of the videos, we can even clearly see him throwing away the umbrella from the entry gate of the Air Force One probably cause he doesn’t understand the technical aspect of how to close it. The worst was when he was seen creating blunders around the world and also his infamous wig which does also does not want to be with him can be seen almost falling off his head several times.