What Are Donald Trump’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Donald Trump


Donald Trump is the 45th president of The United States of America. He was a real estate developer, reality show contest and now is a strong political leader with a vast empire. He has constantly spoken in interviews about how his primary role model in the world was his “Father” and how he wishes he could be half as great man he was.

Donald Trump despite being the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world is regularly under fire by the media and from the other people who find him unfit for the role of being the president. Not many people know this but Donald Trump has a lot of strength to back him up during times of crises and due to his lack of judgment at times over the years he has some hard-hitting weakness too. Thus to help you understand more on this here are the strengths And weaknesses of Donald John Trump.

Donald John Trump’s Strengths

1) Wealth

Donald Trump has entered the Forbes world ranking of billionaire and has been expected to own assets and have a net worth over $3.1 billion. Without a doubt even if he wasn’t the president of the US he still would have been well known around the world just due to the status of his finance. Since he has become the president, the Trump empire has grown to the extent that now they own several properties in and out of the county.

2) His control over various sectors

Donald Trump isn’t just any president who will withstand the allegations which are being pointed towards him. The way the government works in the US is that, once the president is changed his whole administration will change too. The change which came in with Donald trump slowly started growing and by making strategic moves, Trump fired many and appointed many of his own in various sectors of the government which can ensure that no one will ever come close to Donald Trump in any manner. The slow yet unquestionably visible move is not only going to help him steer clear of problems in the future but is also going to help him expand and execute all the sanctions and even his business efficiently.

Donald Trump’s Weaknesses

1) Allegations

It is common knowledge that Donald Trump has been coming under a lot of fire in recent years due to many reasons. Some of them are severely damaging as they might even get him impeached form the role of the president. His tax returns, allegations of being involved with Russians during the run for president and the many other sexual allegations which have come up in the recent years. The one things which could seriously harm him is the Muller report which still hasn’t been released to the public, and according to trump and his administration, they might never be released. The main reason why they aren’t ready to release the documents is because they contain a lot of information which can harm his reputation.

2) The power he distributed to his family

With being the president of the United States, he has gained a lot of power, but one of the main weakness of Donald Trump is his family, as they know all the secrets & realities of him. He recently granted and distributed a ton of power to both his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband. This amount of power could, in fact, be enough to take down Donald Trump thus making it one of his greatest weakness.

3) Backing out alliances

Trump over the years has made many enemies in and outside his administration. The constant fight with Mexico regarding the wall and him throwing his own member under the bus has created a ton of enemies. Till today,  8 people who worked under his administration have been arrested and charged with relation to many crimes. Although he hasn’t said anything about them but the constant firing of his own employees may lead to his own downfall in the nearing future.