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How President Trump Will Affect The Home Painting Industry

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The ongoing trade war between two of the world’s largest economies is one of the biggest economic news out there. Although discussions are still ongoing, nothing will ever be the same again even after resolution.

How President Trump Will Affect The Home Painting Industry?

The impact of the ongoing trade war between America and China has already taken a toll on some American industries including the painting industry.

Most especially the small scale medium enterprises which are just getting started and do not have enough margin to cushion the effect of the tariffs been placed on their products.

Although according to analysis, the impact of the tariff on painting and coating industries is moderate for now. If the trade war goes on for a longer period the price on the consumer’s end may escalate, especially for the high-end paints.

The U.S. painting industry employs over 300,000 workers, if the hit becomes much, industries will try to shield themselves by laying off some workers.

What Other Industries Will President Trump’s Trade War Affect?

There are quite a number of industries taking the blow for the trade war between America and China but some more than others.

These industries include Automobiles, Tech, and Agriculture. With the trade war escalation, these three industries are said to be the most affected industries in the trade war.

  • The U.S. Automobile:

The automobile industry will be taking a lot of hits in the war since most U.S. producers get a lot of automobile parts from China. The current wave of the tariff will make U.S. producers spend more and sell at a higher rate making their product not competitive in the global market.

  • The Tech Industry:

There are a lot of chip-making and electronic manufacturers that are dependent on China for production and sales. These industries are very vulnerable in the trade war.

The trade war has already affected phones. The iPhone maker’s wages reduced since the trade war’s effect on the Chinese economy.

  • The Agricultural Industry:

China has been one of the largest importers of U.S. agricultural products, which includes; soybean, pork and pork product, cotton, skin and hides, and coarse grains.

The products altogether are worth billions of dollars. Chinese officials have imposed additional tariffs on some of the agricultural products. Farmers have been in a bid with products that cannot sell.

What Is The Available Quality Of Paint?

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What Is The Effect Of The Trade War On American Citizens?

American citizens will gradually feel the full impact of President Trump’s trade war as hardware, and everyday items may start to experience an increase in prices. The Trump administration has continuously increased tariff on Chinese imports to 25%.

Companies and business owners trying to shield their consumers from the small tariffs will have no other options but to implement an increment in the price of their commodity.

Although, President Trump’s first wave of the tariff was targeted at goods businesses buys and not individuals.

Analysis has shown that a standard family of four costs of living will be triple. There will be a loss of jobs as companies will be trying to minimize expenses on their ends and also make profits. As the trade war continues with China threatening to increase tariff, the US consumers and farmers will have to bear the cost even more.

It is has been reported that increased costs will take months to hit American buyers. So, the possibilities of consumers feeling the impact of the trade war are dependent on how long the trade war continues.

These tariffs also encourage U.S. consumers’ to patronize domestic suppliers and labor to produce commodities since the price of the foreign product will increase.

The impact on the American people hopefully in the long run will be positive. The truth about the trade war is that American is seriously been exploited by some of these countries, and if Trump can cut a good deal, the American People will definitely reap the dividend soon enough.

How Trump Will Affect The Ceramic Cookware Industry?

Donald Trump

As of 2017, the cookware industry generally had a market share of $2.1 billion.

Assuming there is steady growth and no major marketing shaking event, the market is expected to appreciate and become as large as $4.6 billion by 2024. Rapid advancement and growth are also expected in this segment.

Man has evolved from the use of clay pots to steel, aluminum, and ceramics as kitchen utensils.

The need for this household equipment will continue to grow with the ever-increasing population. Its relevance will also remain as far as humans still need to eat.

In economics, goods like this are called, ‘Necessity Goods’. This necessity is why the government often ensures that there is a regulatory body that sees to the standardization of the quality and price of such products.

Life becomes more difficult for the common man when guiding policies are not in place to regulate such a market.

The recent trade war between two of the biggest nations (The USA and China) in the world is a clash of the titans, and its impact has been felt one way or another by the ordinary citizen.

How Trump Will Affect The Ceramic Cookware Industry? The continuous lingering of the trade war between the US and China will sooner or later affect the prices of these household goods at the retail level if not properly checked.

Currently, it seems the effect has not tickled down so much.

But, if the two parties do not come to a reasonable compromise, they will continue to heap serious tariffs on products coming from each other’s country which sooner or later will affect product retail prices.

Just like it is popularly said, everyone loses something during a trade war. Both the US and China-based industries have paid billions of dollars extra as tariff fees due to this ongoing trade war.

How Will Trump Trade War Affect The Ceramic Cookware Industry?

Picture of How Will Trump Trade War Affect The Ceramic Cookware Industry

Trump is a president that has been shaking up a whole lot of things since he came into power.

One of his major talks during his campaign was tackling the ‘unfair trading practices’ going on between the USA and other countries.

Majorly, it seems he has more issues with China. Trump had accused China of intellectual theft and what he called “unfair trade practices”.

The trade war has been ongoing for close to 6 months. The USA has been trying to force China to make adjustments by placing some trade barriers and heaping tariffs on goods being imported from China.

This overtime has proven to be abortive with no end in sight. The action of the US only spurred China to retaliate by placing extra tariffs on goods entering China from the US.

Unfortunately, some of these products are agricultural produce. This problem means that profit is reduced on the farm produces that farmers have labored to cultivate.

This backlash is just one of the many effects of this ongoing trade war.

For the Ceramic Cookware industry, the long term effect will be major on the consumer if not properly tackled.

For very crucial household equipment such as the Ceramic cookware, regardless of the price, consumers need to purchase it.

For this reason, the government is supposed to raise policies that will regulate the price to make it affordable to any average citizen of the country.

However, with a trade war, the reverse case seems to be playing out. Industries, in the long run, will have to increase the price of the product if they want to stay profitable.

This rise will affect the retail price of the products.

As much as there are other alternatives – product variety and competition have a way of balancing the market and driving innovation.

Some of the world’s greatest innovations were as a result of fierce competition. As a result of the competition, the company had to bring something new to the market and also ensure efficiency.

What Is The Expected Outcome Of The US-China Trade War?

If Trump can successfully cause China to bend to some or all of their requests, it is going to be a great win for the country. Several US industries have their manufacturing arm in China.

You can’t blame these firms, labor is cheaper in China. This issue is similar to the issue of Mexicans working in America.

They work for ridiculous fees that a normal US citizen won’t be willing to work for. So the Mexican gets more jobs and the normal citizen that wants to get a fair wage is sidelined.

Getting a good deal out of this trade war is a good one for the American populace. The little hike in price or scarcity of some products in the market is the price needed to be paid for a better future.

Trump is a highly successful businessman, and you can say no American president understands the business world as he does. Shaking up things in the economic front can be expected.

But, while at it, a policy must be put in place such that the periodical placing of tariff on some of the goods being imported from China doesn’t result in an unbearable price hike at the retail level.


So far, the tariff hasn’t resulted in any unbearable hike in the price of products, but the industries involved are not having business as usual.

They are paying a whole lot more on tariff than they are used to. We can only ask that both countries come to a reasonable compromise soon.

Trump vs. a Republican Senate

Donald Trump

The United States of America or commonly referred by its people as the land of freedom is one of the top powerhouses in today’s world with a vast and growing economy which they are undoubtedly proud of.  The current president of the United States of America is Donald J Trump and till today he is the first American president who is on the verge of being impeached due to his actions.

In 2016 Donald Trump entered the presidential race as a Republican and won against sixteen other people. He was lucky as his campaign created such a noise that it received free media coverage. When he was elected as the president, he did run from the Republican party, but since then his focus has changed majorly and he is seen constantly quarreling with them so much that many of the people who supported him from the Republican party left it and joined the democratic party.

The break down of his political backing with the Republican Senate all started after an audio tape of his came into light which had Donald Trump bragging about his experience of how he forcibly kisses and gropes women. The way Trump spoke in the recording showed no shame and this did not make the Republican party happy. Many of them withdrew their endorsements of his candidacy and few of them even asked him to quit the presidential race. In the recent year’s Republican leaders have spoken the truth about him and one person has also called Donald Trump a reckless, outrageous and undignified leader and to the surprise, all these three words came from an indictment filed and expressed by Jeff Flake. The Arizona presidential candidate withdrew his name just cause he was disgusted by the personal attacks made by the president. Trump is always seen avoiding the truth by handing his work of speaking to the mass to his secretary.  Another major incident which created a rift between Trump and the Republican Senate was when Corey Stewart decided to run as a senator from Virginia and Donald Trump supported him during and even after the elections by congratulating him on Twitter. Corey and Trump, in reality, had alarmed many people by this as Corey was never fit to be a senator and the only reason he won was due to the support and manipulations done by the Trump administration. This proves how biased Donald Trump is and how he is only supporting the white supremacist in the Republicans who are ready to listen and behave according to him.

Donald Trump despite being the president has blatantly targeted people from his own former party, sometimes in speeches but most of the times using tweets which at times get too personal attacking and infringing the personal space of people. Donald Trump’s new ideologies one among the things which have made Republicans go against him. As many people say, the future is unpredictable but in the case of Trump vs. The Republican Senate, we can clearly see tensions are just going to increase.



5 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Leadership

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in today’s world scenario holds a prominent position not just for being the president of the United States of America but also because he is righteous and has done a lot of work to protect his country’s people. Not many find the work he has done appreciable but if we compare the situation of the country before and after him, we can definitely see that since his arrival the economy has gone up.

It is not easy to get the vote and trust of the people especially in today’s generation where people are waiting to pinpoint weaknesses of other people, but Donald Trump has made it through that and now stands as one of the most prominent people in the world. Leadership is one quality which Trump definitely has, as no person in the world can be as forthcoming and courageous as him. All the decisions he made as a leader may have negatively affected some people, but he always had the good of the people in his mind; thus most of his actions have benefited the nation majorly. If we inculcate these qualities we can also grow as a person and become better; hence here are the 5 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Leadership.

1) Decision Making

Being the president of one of the world’s most powerful country comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard work. Sometimes these decisions require critical analysis in which Donald Trump most certainly doesn’t fail. All his policies may seem impractical for some people, but at the stage where one decision may affect the country, on the whole, a person must think about the bigger picture in mind like he does. His decisions undoubtedly have helped the country on the whole and the situations are only becoming better. Now, this is one such characteristic which everyone must learn as it can help us reach great heights in life.

2) Persuasiveness

Donald Trump is undoubtedly extremely persuasive as when he speaks to the mass he ensures that his words are relatable by them and he also delivers his speech in such a manner which undoubtedly creates an impact on the people. He is precise in what he wants to say and he keeps his message short thus making it influence all the million voters positively who vote for him. He uses logic, credibility and emotion to deliver his words, thus creating a strong impact over the people. This aspect can not only help us become better speakers but also can boost our self-esteem tremendously.

3) Self-assured and self-confidence

A strong leader must always be self-assured and this is one essential characteristic we can often see in Donald Trump while he delivers his speeches. No matter the scandal he is linked to or the allegations put against him, he always is assured and confident about himself. He often repeats one line which is “It’s going to be incredible, amazing – there’s going to be nothing like it.” Now this line packs quite a punch while being modest at the same time and learning it and implementing it in our life will only make us better.

4) Team Builder

His key quality of choosing the right person for the right job and dividing the job among various people is what helps him control his vast empire. He owns many resorts, businesses, golf courses and hotels around the world and his expert team building skill is what helps him maintain everything and keep things in order.

5) Working hard

Donald Trump is one among those leaders who doesn’t stop working, as he wants nothing below the best for their country. His administration often refers to him as a Workaholic and now this is one such quality which we must learn from him and use in our lives if we want to make it big in the world as he did.

Trump’s Worst Greatest Hits of 2018

Donald Trump

Mistakes are a common site and can be committed by anyone anywhere. It is the mistakes which affect the world or a nation in a severe way which are what come into the light in everyone’s eyes. Donald J Trump is one of those people who can regularly be seen making mistakes but being a president of a nation this shouldn’t be happening. Nevertheless, his mistakes can be seen in many forms at various places.

It’s fair to say that “Donald Trump” is a human and mistakes can happen by anyone, but he has committed some calculated mistakes which have shocked many people and made them dislike him. Despite the many allegations towards trump’s administration which are said to be false the following are few of the proven and forgotten worst greatest hits of Donald Trump in the year 2018.

1) Quick and brutal firing policy

Donald Trump is one of the only presidents till date who has publicly said “ I hate firing people” but the truth behind this is that he does not personally fire them but creates a certain tension and condition which inevitably makes the person resign on their own. Over the years Carl Higbie, Rob Porter, David Sorenson, Hope Hicks and many other high profile people have exited the Trump administration. We cannot say that Trump was happy that they left but leaving the trump administration would have definitely made them happy.

2) Hiring people for unfit jobs

Trump’s hiring policy is even easier than McDonald’s hiring policy as at least at McDonald’s people are required to have specific skills. He has nominated people like Ronny Jackson who is the president’s physician to run for the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs until many allegations against him came out which made him withdraw his name at the end. This is just one among the many instances in which Trump has blatantly used his power to hire people for his own personal gain rather than thinking about people who would be suitable for making the country of that specific sector better.

3) Trumps memory blunders

Trump has become one of the most favorite muses which late-night comedians are using to amuse their audience. The content he provides to them can be credited to all the blunders he has done alone in the year 2018 like forgetting the national anthem and then forgetting the words to “God Bless America.”  These all are just the tip of the iceberg as he has even forgotten the name of the supreme court justice and also forgotten to show up to his own security briefing.

4) Melania trump first women?

Melania Trump may be the first lady as per her title goes but till today has done nothing to show her concern for the nation. The only time Melania Trump spoke up and took charge was against the social media abuse and it is a common knowledge that she took this step to protect her husband. He is one such person who has brought people from various backgrounds together just so that they can tweet him about all the mistakes which he is committing. Some people consider this as a wake-up call while the trump administration considers this as abuse and harassment.

5) Physical public mistakes

In the year 2018 alone he has made some mistakes which a reasonable person would never commit in their entire life. In February alone while carrying a big umbrella towards Air Force One, he forgot to cover his wife and 11-year-old son and again in October later that same year he left Melania on the white house lawn and simply walked away using the only umbrella which was there. In one of the videos, we can even clearly see him throwing away the umbrella from the entry gate of the Air Force One probably cause he doesn’t understand the technical aspect of how to close it. The worst was when he was seen creating blunders around the world and also his infamous wig which does also does not want to be with him can be seen almost falling off his head several times.


What Are Donald Trump’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Donald Trump


Donald Trump is the 45th president of The United States of America. He was a real estate developer, reality show contest and now is a strong political leader with a vast empire. He has constantly spoken in interviews about how his primary role model in the world was his “Father” and how he wishes he could be half as great man he was.

Donald Trump despite being the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world is regularly under fire by the media and from the other people who find him unfit for the role of being the president. Not many people know this but Donald Trump has a lot of strength to back him up during times of crises and due to his lack of judgment at times over the years he has some hard-hitting weakness too. Thus to help you understand more on this here are the strengths And weaknesses of Donald John Trump.

Donald John Trump’s Strengths

1) Wealth

Donald Trump has entered the Forbes world ranking of billionaire and has been expected to own assets and have a net worth over $3.1 billion. Without a doubt even if he wasn’t the president of the US he still would have been well known around the world just due to the status of his finance. Since he has become the president, the Trump empire has grown to the extent that now they own several properties in and out of the county.

2) His control over various sectors

Donald Trump isn’t just any president who will withstand the allegations which are being pointed towards him. The way the government works in the US is that, once the president is changed his whole administration will change too. The change which came in with Donald trump slowly started growing and by making strategic moves, Trump fired many and appointed many of his own in various sectors of the government which can ensure that no one will ever come close to Donald Trump in any manner. The slow yet unquestionably visible move is not only going to help him steer clear of problems in the future but is also going to help him expand and execute all the sanctions and even his business efficiently.

Donald Trump’s Weaknesses

1) Allegations

It is common knowledge that Donald Trump has been coming under a lot of fire in recent years due to many reasons. Some of them are severely damaging as they might even get him impeached form the role of the president. His tax returns, allegations of being involved with Russians during the run for president and the many other sexual allegations which have come up in the recent years. The one things which could seriously harm him is the Muller report which still hasn’t been released to the public, and according to trump and his administration, they might never be released. The main reason why they aren’t ready to release the documents is because they contain a lot of information which can harm his reputation.

2) The power he distributed to his family

With being the president of the United States, he has gained a lot of power, but one of the main weakness of Donald Trump is his family, as they know all the secrets & realities of him. He recently granted and distributed a ton of power to both his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband. This amount of power could, in fact, be enough to take down Donald Trump thus making it one of his greatest weakness.

3) Backing out alliances

Trump over the years has made many enemies in and outside his administration. The constant fight with Mexico regarding the wall and him throwing his own member under the bus has created a ton of enemies. Till today,  8 people who worked under his administration have been arrested and charged with relation to many crimes. Although he hasn’t said anything about them but the constant firing of his own employees may lead to his own downfall in the nearing future.