2020 Presidential Marketing Funnel: How Trump Can Win


The U.S. election is by far one of the most followed presidential elections worldwide. The reason is not far-fetched.

What happens or doesn’t happen in the U.S. has a serious ripple effect on the stability and economy of several nations of the world.

The U.S has her military force deployed in more than 150 countries of the world. As of the fiscal year 2017, the United State budgeted a sum of $50.1 billion for foreign aid.

So, the wise or careless decision of anyone that occupies the White House doesn’t just affect the U.S alone, but every other nation that benefits from Her benevolent acts.

A Brief History Of The Last U.S Presidential Election

So far, the U.S has had 58 general elections, the last one being the 2016 general presidential election.

And, out of this number, only 5 of the elections had the peculiarity where there was a disparity between the winner of the nationwide popular vote and the Electoral College vote.

In case you are not too familiar with the electioneering procedure of the U.S.

Here is how things work,

The winner of the presidential election is solely based on who has the highest vote at the Electoral College regardless of what the nationwide popular vote says.

What is the Electoral College? The Electoral College consists of delegates chosen from all the 50 states and Washington D.C. Each state in the U.S has a fixed number of delegates at the Electoral College. The number of delegates is based on the total number of Congress Representatives (Senate & House of Representative) in each state.

So basically, an ordinary U.S citizen doesn’t choose the president directly. They have the choice to pick who represents them at the Electoral College where the major decision is made.

This twist was exactly what made Donald Trump emerge as the winner of the 2016 presidential election.

The Breakdown of the 2016 Presidential Election

Here is a breakdown of the result of the 2016 US Presidential election. From the result, you can say Hillary was the people’s choice, but the delegates at the Electoral College thought otherwise.

Nationwide Popular Vote:

  • Donald Trump – 62,984,828 (46.1%)
  • Hillary Clinton – 65,853,514 (48.2%)

Electoral College Vote:

  • Donald Trump – 304 Votes
  • Hillary Clinton – 227 Votes

Looking at this result, one may think that the electioneering process of the U.S is biased and doesn’t uphold the true definition of what DEMOCRACY stands for. But that is not true.

From history, this disparity has only occurred on a few occasions.

One also needs to take into account that the delegates of the Electoral College were elected by the people. So, the people trusted them enough to elect them to make this important choice for them.

Considering this age of ‘media hypnosis’ that we are currently in, it is almost impossible to filter out what is true or what is a cleverly concealed attempt by the media to create a biased impression in the heart of the public.

By popular vote, Hillary won the poll, but Trump took the bull by the horn where things mattered.

This action is one of the secret strategies of optimizing a marketing funnel – focusing your sling stone at the forehead where the giant is most vulnerable.

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What Has Marketing Funnel Got To Do With The Presidential Election?

Picture of What Has Marketing Funnel Got To Do With The Presidential Election

The sole aim of a marketing funnel is to optimize conversion.

There are 4 stages in any typical marketing funnel;

1. The prospect awareness:

For a scenario such as a presidential election, the media does the job.

As much at the sole decision lies with the delegates of the Electoral College, the candidate still needs a good quota of the public confidence.  In this case, the prospects are every registered voter in the U.S.

2. The creation of interest:

There are several points of entry at this level. The general consideration here is ensuring that the prospect finds what you are offering value to them.

Discovering what it is might be quite dicey. Sometimes, people don’t know they need something until you help them understand ‘the what’ and ‘the why’.

Help the citizens understand what they want to do and how it helps in achieving the greater good. Ultimately, you need to be able to ensure that Leads understand and resonate with your value system.

3. The consideration:

At this stage, you have probably succeeded in sparking interest in the heart of the prospect. What the candidate does at this point is to re-enforce that which has already started.

People can be quite snappy at changing their resolution regarding a particular decision.

It is the responsibility of the candidate campaign team to ensure leads that have come as far as this stage is kept and ultimately leads to conversion – which in this case is voting.

4. The action:

This is the final stage of the funnel, where the ultimate conversion goal is expected. For a presidential election, what this stage depicts is during the election where leads cast their vote for you.

These points explain the presidential campaign process from a marketing funnel point of view.

How Can Trump Win The 2020 Presidential Election?

Considering all the media talks and what it seems most people feel about the current president of the United States, one can be tempted to say the victory is going to the Democrat this time.

Democrats want him out and even some of his party members in Congress have clearly shown that they don’t support his policies.

So home and away, it seems he has lost the vote of confidence that counts. But you don’t want to make a quick conclusion on this matter.

Before Donald Trump emerged as the winner of the 2016 election, judging from the online poll and from what other data gathering sources had acquired, Donald Trump stood no chance of winning.

What you need to know is that beyond what the media says, the delegates from each state at the Electoral College aren’t sentimental with their decision.

They consist of intellectual technocrats who look beyond what seems to be obvious when making a decision.

If it were to be just by what the media says, anyone with the greatest resources will always hit a home run victory. You can easily promote media popularity when you have the resources.

For this next election, Trump needs to focus majorly on the last 3 stages of the marketing funnel. His actions during his first term in office have painted a negative picture in the heart of many.

If he wants to get the chance of getting any positive vote of confidence not just from the general public but also from the Electoral College delegates, he needs to find a way to redeem his image.

Looking critically, Trump’s policies have helped boost the economy of the nation over the past few years. And thanks to him, illegal immigration has been reduced to an all-time low.

There are several other major accomplishments that his administration have been able to achieve but if all that will count for anything, the president will have to cut down on some of his public outburst of rage.

And lucky for everyone, the Electoral College delegates know change when they see it.