How President Trump Will Affect The Home Painting Industry

The ongoing trade war between two of the world’s largest economies is one of the biggest economic news out there. Although discussions are still ongoing, nothing will ever be the same again even after resolution.

How President Trump Will Affect The Home Painting Industry?

The impact of the ongoing trade war between America and China has already taken a toll on some American industries including the painting industry.

Most especially the small scale medium enterprises which are just getting started and do not have enough margin to cushion the effect of the tariffs been placed on their products.

Although according to analysis, the impact of the tariff on painting and coating industries is moderate for now. If the trade war goes on for a longer period the price on the consumer’s end may escalate, especially for the high-end paints.

The U.S. painting industry employs over 300,000 workers, if the hit becomes much, industries will try to shield themselves by laying off some workers.

What Other Industries Will President Trump’s Trade War Affect?

There are quite a number of industries taking the blow for the trade war between America and China but some more than others.

These industries include Automobiles, Tech, and Agriculture. With the trade war escalation, these three industries are said to be the most affected industries in the trade war.

  • The U.S. Automobile:

The automobile industry will be taking a lot of hits in the war since most U.S. producers get a lot of automobile parts from China. The current wave of the tariff will make U.S. producers spend more and sell at a higher rate making their product not competitive in the global market.

  • The Tech Industry:

There are a lot of chip-making and electronic manufacturers that are dependent on China for production and sales. These industries are very vulnerable in the trade war.

The trade war has already affected phones. The iPhone maker’s wages reduced since the trade war’s effect on the Chinese economy.

  • The Agricultural Industry:

China has been one of the largest importers of U.S. agricultural products, which includes; soybean, pork and pork product, cotton, skin and hides, and coarse grains.

The products altogether are worth billions of dollars. Chinese officials have imposed additional tariffs on some of the agricultural products. Farmers have been in a bid with products that cannot sell.

What Is The Available Quality Of Paint?

All paints have their area of specialty with some scoring overall in all aspects while some are used for specific areas. When choosing paint, pick a brand you trust for both exterior and interior painting. You must also understand the surface that best suits your paint.

Here are a few brands that work fine for various interior and exterior painting.

  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint and Primer – best for every surface and on the exterior.
  • Glidden Premium Semi-Gloss Latex Exterior Paint – best for bricks and exterior.
  • Dunn-Edwards Paints – interior and exterior.
  • Benjamin Moore Paints- best for the interior.
  • Valspar American Tradition Paint- best for interior and exterior.

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What Is The Effect Of The Trade War On American Citizens?

American citizens will gradually feel the full impact of President Trump’s trade war as hardware, and everyday items may start to experience an increase in prices. The Trump administration has continuously increased tariff on Chinese imports to 25%.

Companies and business owners trying to shield their consumers from the small tariffs will have no other options but to implement an increment in the price of their commodity.

Although, President Trump’s first wave of the tariff was targeted at goods businesses buys and not individuals.

Analysis has shown that a standard family of four costs of living will be triple. There will be a loss of jobs as companies will be trying to minimize expenses on their ends and also make profits. As the trade war continues with China threatening to increase tariff, the US consumers and farmers will have to bear the cost even more.

It is has been reported that increased costs will take months to hit American buyers. So, the possibilities of consumers feeling the impact of the trade war are dependent on how long the trade war continues.

These tariffs also encourage U.S. consumers’ to patronize domestic suppliers and labor to produce commodities since the price of the foreign product will increase.

The impact on the American people hopefully in the long run will be positive. The truth about the trade war is that American is seriously been exploited by some of these countries, and if Trump can cut a good deal, the American People will definitely reap the dividend soon enough.