Trump vs. a Republican Senate


The United States of America or commonly referred by its people as the land of freedom is one of the top powerhouses in today’s world with a vast and growing economy which they are undoubtedly proud of.  The current president of the United States of America is Donald J Trump and till today he is the first American president who is on the verge of being impeached due to his actions.

In 2016 Donald Trump entered the presidential race as a Republican and won against sixteen other people. He was lucky as his campaign created such a noise that it received free media coverage. When he was elected as the president, he did run from the Republican party, but since then his focus has changed majorly and he is seen constantly quarreling with them so much that many of the people who supported him from the Republican party left it and joined the democratic party.

The break down of his political backing with the Republican Senate all started after an audio tape of his came into light which had Donald Trump bragging about his experience of how he forcibly kisses and gropes women. The way Trump spoke in the recording showed no shame and this did not make the Republican party happy. Many of them withdrew their endorsements of his candidacy and few of them even asked him to quit the presidential race. In the recent year’s Republican leaders have spoken the truth about him and one person has also called Donald Trump a reckless, outrageous and undignified leader and to the surprise, all these three words came from an indictment filed and expressed by Jeff Flake. The Arizona presidential candidate withdrew his name just cause he was disgusted by the personal attacks made by the president. Trump is always seen avoiding the truth by handing his work of speaking to the mass to his secretary.  Another major incident which created a rift between Trump and the Republican Senate was when Corey Stewart decided to run as a senator from Virginia and Donald Trump supported him during and even after the elections by congratulating him on Twitter. Corey and Trump, in reality, had alarmed many people by this as Corey was never fit to be a senator and the only reason he won was due to the support and manipulations done by the Trump administration. This proves how biased Donald Trump is and how he is only supporting the white supremacist in the Republicans who are ready to listen and behave according to him.

Donald Trump despite being the president has blatantly targeted people from his own former party, sometimes in speeches but most of the times using tweets which at times get too personal attacking and infringing the personal space of people. Donald Trump’s new ideologies one among the things which have made Republicans go against him. As many people say, the future is unpredictable but in the case of Trump vs. The Republican Senate, we can clearly see tensions are just going to increase.